Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Gaia's Kopfschmertzen

A funny thought -- headaches of the planet, caused by the combination ofwarmth and cold, dim memories of a science museum illustrating this point,an echo chamber, ages ago with family.

This weekend trip to New York was one of the best weekends in my life.We had a terrific time. Friday, after we arrived, we settled in, and went outfor some late night food and exploration. One of the places we visited was areally neat food market, which had an incredible variety in really nice food.I really wish such places were around here -- apparently NYC is very wellsituated when it comes to goods and food passing through it. if I remember, I'll add the info back in here. The hotel room wasn't huge, butit had a great view and a great location, and was otherwise good. The nextmorning, we slept in, and went to the opera! It's surprising how quickly fivehours goes by when one is having a good time. Wagner's Die Walkure is reallygreat -- I'd love to see the others in the ring series. Something about thetroubles of the gods, and perhaps their attitudes, as portrayed in the opera,got me wondering if they were modeled after Wagner's experiences with royalty.After opera, we had a very nice dinner at Cafe Boulud.I had Foie Gras, some Lamb, and some delicious Ice Cream.And.. perhaps a bit too much wine (but it was quite good). For the dinner andthe opera, I also was wearing my new suit. It might need some minorfurther tailoring, but it looks good on me. After a mad dash back to the hotel,and a quick change of clothes, we were off to the TMBG concert. It was great --I haven't been to one before, and they played pretty much all the songs thatI hoped they would (which, considering their sheer number of songs, is quitecool). The crowd was pretty diverse -- middle-aged to quite young. I was curiouswhy they didn't play any of their pre-flood stuff, but N said that they almostnever play that at concerts. After the show, she got a sweatshirt, and I got oneof the collective CDs they contributed to, as part of'sefforts to get BushJr out of office. We hung out with her friend J and J'sboyfriend for awhile afterwards, and then went to a cafe that she visits everytime she's in town. On Sunday, we first did lunch at Peter Luger, which is afamous steakhouse (had the most delicious steak I've ever had in my life) wentto see the Frick Museum (interesting for both the art exhibits and the layoutof the place itself), and then flew back. It couldn't've been a better trip,and it is experiences like this that make life wonderful.

I'll be turning comments back on again soon. Hopefully this won't result in moresilliness from the vandalizing kids.


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