Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Talcum Powder Empire

Effective at the end of this month, my old account is goingaway. It's about time I stopped paying for an ISP that I don't use anymoreoutside of email. I have had the account/webpage/etc for a very long time,almost 8 years now. *shrug* so it goes.

My cellphone is again dying -- this time, the screen tends to turn offrandomly, but the phone itself still functions -- I've made calls by purelyremembering the keypresses to navigate to the right locations in the phonebookand hitting send, hoping I got it right. If I squeeze the top of the phonejust right, the display turns back on. Still, so goes life, and it's actuallynot so bad at all -- my hopeful next cellphone, the Treo650, was announced today.I am currently likely to switch cell providers to ATT once I have the phone,and get one of the unlimited data plans. So, if any of my dear readers want todo something nice for me, and don't want to simply write me a check, they couldget me a Treo650. :)

Thomas DeMarse, a professor at University of Florida, has discovereda way to keep neurons alive in a petri dish for about a year, and further,has performed experiments under which they were able to learn to adapt tomaster moderately complex domains. This is fascinating -- it will provide aneasier means to model neuron function, and possibly will have direct anduseful application in real-world problems.

Tags: science

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