Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

His Spam, My Spam

My neighbor is out of town, and I'm handling his mail until he gets back. Apartfrom a large package (furniture?), his pile is identical to mine, viewed as apile. Advertisements in a huge bundle, with little visible to distinguish.Mass production, lack of distinction. Postal mail is another tool of showing howdehumanized we have become. I wish that all I recieved was mail that waspersonal. I guess I need to start calling the people sending me this junk againand get myself taken off their lists.

Another of my friends without much of a homebase on the internet has joinedme on my server. Hurrah. A welcome to Justin.

At work, I found out that my way of doing backups was inefficient, so I'mredoing it. Unfortunately, it takes forever. On the upside, by consolidating allthe static content onto one disk, I should never need to backup that disk again,meaning one less disk swap during regular backups, provided that nobody ends updigging into the static content. This is a very good thing. I already have takenthat backup home, and am redoing all the rest of the backups. Also, on Friday,I ran the first subject in my second fMRI experiment. It went pretty smoothly, Ithink (although I still need to look at the results).

Relating to the backups, note that, at least on Fedora2, mkfs.ext3 does somevery bad things if you run it on partitions that don't have the rightpartition type. I ran it on partitions of type fat32, and it swallowed all myRAM (causing the kernel to kill a lot of other stuff) and then blocked inkernelland for about half an hour before I could kill it. Oops. Be careful aboutthat.

Last night, I got a *lot* of sleep, catching up on what sleep debt I had fromlast week. I feel great, and it's fairly early in the morning, for a weekend,for me to be up.

So, this coming week is election week! Everyone go out and vote for Kerry, notbecause Kerry is the right guy for the job, but because BushJr will winotherwise, and he's a lot worse for the job. If you can think of a way to do it,push for a reform in this country to move towards coalition-style government,as the two-party system is very bad. Also, wear something reasonably warm, andtry to spend some time outside this weekend, because, at least where I am,the colour and smell of the leaves is incredible.

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