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One week. Things happened. Things keep on happening. In the world, in myhead..

As you know, BushJr won the election, this time both by the popular andthe electoral votes. It really wasn't even close, as much as we'd all liketo think otherwise. For everything he did, the American public just eatsit all up. Sure, there's the rallying that I get from the liberal mailinglists, Howard Dean and Moveon, pretending that it's hardly a loss at all,because we now have infrastructure and organization. It's all nonsense.Moveon is indeed an organization I'm happy exists, partlybecause it's not too tied to the democratic party, which I regard as being toomoderate and corrupt (although considerably better than the Republicans, whoare bad not only in practice, but also in theory). Still, the Republicans wonthe presidency, a bigger majority in the House and Senate, and more directsupport of the masses. Every issue that was visited by the Republicans in thelast year where they were held back by insufficient power, they can revisitand get their way. They will try even bolder issues now that will furtherupset the basis of our society and undo years of progress. We have had avery disappointing loss, and our values will suffer greatly for it. Religiousand business interests will rule the day. I want to leave this country.

Also in the news, Yasser Arafat is essentially dead. It remains tobe seen what the results of that will be. It does open a minor additional pointof conflict -- Arafat's family wishes him buried in Jerusalem, but apparentlythe symbolism of that is too much for some nationalist types in the government,so that may not be possible.

Unrelated, apparently make-up dates back to Roman times.

Recently, I've been thinking about how, in my life, I have dealt with theideas of rebellion and societal approval. I conclude that many of my ideashave been problematic, and that I'd like to change them. Undoing suchlong-lived life habits will be difficult, but worthwhile. Thanks again to Nfor helping me see these things.

I'm going to a black tie event tonight. Tschau!

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