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I came across the Vote-Smart website, where they have an onlinepoll that they present to presidential candicates. I was curious, so I filledit in. Unfortunately, while they gave me a list of candicates, and John Edwardsappeared to be fairly compatible, I looked and apparently he went with the"Other/Fill-in-the-blank" answer for all the questions. No incompatibilities,because he really didn't take the survey. Predictably, Badnarik, the Libertariancandicate, filled it all in, and voted to eliminate almost all of the government.Nader filled it in properly, and I actually am fairly close to his positions.Here's how I filled it out:

Abortion Should be legal when life of the woman is endangered. Prohibit partial-birth (except in case of life endangerment) Fund family planning. Expanded: Beginning of sentience is when the line should be drawn. Problem is, it's not well defined. Until we know otherwise, I support all abortion apart from partial-birth. Abortion should be a free public health service, along with several forms of contraception

Budget Priority -Ag =Arts --Defense ++Education ++Environment --Homeland Security =International aid =Law enforcement ++Medical research =National Parks +Public Health ++Scientific research +Space Exploration +Transportation/Highway =WelfareDefense Spending =Personnel training =Intelligence Ops -Military Hardware =Modernization ---Missle defense =Personnel pay =Troop rerention =Weapons Research -ReadinessTaxes --- 25k or less + 25k-75k + 75k-150k ++ 150k+Retiree Taxes Maintain as-isOther Taxes -Alcohol tax +Capital Gains -Cigarette +Corporate ++Gasoline ++InheritanceDeductions =Charity ---Child Tax credit ---Earned Income Tax credit =Medical Expense =Mortgage =Student Loan CreditLast Taxes bit -Estate Tax repeal -Dividend Tax repeal +Joint Tax same as separate

Campaign Finance/Gov Reform Prohibit PAC contributions to candidates Require unions to give members option not to have dues used politically Support Instant Run-Off Voting Election Day should be a national holiday (except for election workers) Same-sex civil unions permit Marriage is between anyone Expanded: Should move to a coalition parliamentary government form

Crime Support job training/placement for inmates Support Drug/Alcohol programmes for inmates Reduce prison sentences for non-violent crimes Support job training/placement for at-risk youth Enforcing civil rights should be federal Minors are tried as adults for violent crimes

Drugs Expand federal drug edu/treatment programmes Decriminalize small (and large) marijuana posession Allow medical marijuana prescriptions Eliminate federal funding for war on drugs Expanded: Drug use should fall under personal autonomy principles, should be illegal for states to prohibit

Education Increase block grants for teacher hirings Support teacher testing, reward with merit pay Increase funding for capital improvements in schools Increase funding for college grants/loans for university Support tax incentives to help families save for university Expanded: University schooling should be federally funded and nearly, if not entirely, free

Affirmative Action/Employment Increase funding for national job-training programmes Encourage employers to offer flex-time, comp-time, and unpaid leave Increase federal minimum wage Expanded: Offer federal incentives for a 36-hour week, day/shift rotation so businesses remain open on weekends and more of day, to better use existing infrastructure.

Discontinue Affirmative Action

Environment Strengthen Clean Water/Air Act Strengthen Emission controls/fuel efficiency standards on all vehicles Encourage alternative fuel development/use Support Ethanol as alternative fuel Sign Kyoto Accord Other: Tie environmental record to trade, require truck license for SUVs Shutdown companies that shift industry to avoid U.S. environmental law

Gun issues Repeal federal restrictions on purchase/possession of guns Allow concealed guns Require license for gun possession Immunize weapons-trade people from crime victim lawsuits

Health Issues Implement universal health care, with contribution tiers Support Patient's Bill of Rights legislature for appeals, no sue Limit malpractice damages Support prescription drug coverage under Medicare, managed care Tax credits to offset insurance costs Automatic enrollment of children in federal health care programmes Allow 55-65 yos to buy into Medicare Support stem cell research on existing and new lines Other: More programmes to combat unhealthy living

Immigration No positionInternational Aid Provide when extraordinary circumstances cause disaster

International policy U.S. should continue to guide Israel-Palestine issues Undecided on creation of Palestinian State U.S. should withdraw from Iraq Other: Iraq reconstruction is too expensive because of corruption. Should be funded by temporary cuts in U.S. military budget, tax on military-industrial complex, and oil from oil fields. All oil money should stay inside Iraq. All potentially de-facto-policy-setting investments should be open to review

Use diplomatic pressure to encourage NKorea to abandon it's nuke programme Do not use military force to destroy the programme Do not remove NKorean government from power (not that that's possible) Undecided on financial support increase to afghenistan Should not increase military support

Increase participation in peacekeeping missions, including military troops Do not withdraw from U.N. Other: Greatly expand participation in U.N. Submit to ICJ. Have full diplomatic rel w/ Cuba Fund sex ed and birth control in aid to African nations

International trade Undecided on NAFTA, GATT Withdraw from WTO, particularly WIPO Undecided on human rights and trade relations End Cuba trade embargo Trade agreements must respect workers rights and environmental concerns

National Security No military tribunals for suspected terrorists Undecided on student visa rules for terrorism sponsorship Do not expand legal authority to tap information sources Undecided on holding foreign states accountable for terrorists who operate in their country. Depends. Do not send HomeSec funding to states/cities No preemptive strikes Other: Remove Dept of HomeSec, reorganize FBI and CIA

Social Security Increase payroll tax to fund social security Lower Social security's COLA

Tech/Communication Regulate spam Otherwise don't regulate the internet

Welfare/Poverty Require welfare recipients to spend at least 40 hours a week in work/training programmes Increase funding for child care Support housing assistance Other: Reduce that to 20 hours a week for the work/training programme requirement. Provide support for interested but unskilled workers to find jobs.

Presidential Priorities-----------------------I would reverse the work done to privilege religious opinion and positions inthe law, ending the drug war, making illegal blue laws, eliminating taxexemptions for churches, confession immunity, special privileges for tribalreligions, and similar. I would similarly eliminate institutional displays ofreligious elements.

I would commit the government to a restructuring to eliminate the two partysystem, by moving towards a coalition government that favours smaller parties.This would prevent the cooption of both parties by economic interests, andfacilitate a more vibrant democracy. I would further eliminate rider bills,requiring all legal proposals to stand on their own weight.

I would work to remove corporate-inspired government corruption and favours,requiring politicians to divest from all corporate ties when entering office,and erecting similar strong barriers to keep corporate interest silent ingovernmental structure.


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