Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Happy Peristalsis Day!

If we're to have holidays, we may as well have ones to celebrate somethingworthwhile. As always, I'm disturbed by all the holidays around this time ofyear.. first, there's Thanksgiving, which I find to be reprehensible. It'sa celebration of a shared meal between the pilgrims in the United Statesand the Amerindians who decided to help them out. Not actually disgusting,until you consider the full historical context -- recall that the generosityof the Amerindians was not paid in kind. Instead, they lost all their landand were escorted into deserts which were euphemistically called "reserves",moved whenever said reserves happened to actually have anything valuable inthem. They were intentionally given diseases, slaughtered, and discriminatedagainst. So, yes, you can celebrate Thanksgiving, but it disturbs the hell outof me. Of course, up comes Christmas, where we can celebrate the birth ofa confused and primitive religion that has unfortunately taken the world bystorm. Right now, despite irritating Christmas music being everywhere, we'vea way to go to get there -- we're actually just wrapping up Channukah, wherewe can celebrate a "purification" ritual done by one religion to "fix" theactions done by another, in a religious centre long since demolished. Pah,holidays. That's why, in the face of all this celebration of disturbing,pointless, and wacky holidays, I'm going to celebrate peristalsis. *grumpy*

I can't say we're celebrating first snow, because that happened on the dayof thanksgiving. However, yesterday came the second snow of the year forPittsburgh. Yesterday also came illness, for me. Actually, maybe it came onFriday -- I had a migraine then, and haven't been feeling well since. Hopefullytomorrow I'll be feeling better. Yesterday evening, when I got up to go hangout with friends, both of my legs were asleep, and it took them a good tenminutes to wake up. Na klar, I was trying to walk, and I had literally nofeedback from them. It's surprising -- one never notices how important it isto get feedback until one tries doing without. My legs were entirelyunmanagable until awakening -- even my toes curled under my buckling feet.It was, at least, amusing..

It's struck me -- I'm actually using Java programs on a day-to-day basis now.I never thought I would, but the software to manage my Neuros, afilesharing application called Phex, and a lot of brain analysis tools that Iuse at work (NIS-tools and similar) are Java programs. Unfortunately, it'sstill more of a pain to run such programs than real binaries -- sans scriptor alias, I need to launch them with "java -jar /path/to/jarfile.jar" .. Ohwell.

So, I'm sure some of you are wondering, why haven't I BLOGged for awhile?The answer is that I've had a lot less free time recently, and I've beenmentally busy with a relationship. Work keeps me busy too. Wikipedia too.

I recently have found two other new distractions -- I've been playing FinalFantasy 1 on an emulator (but just beat it), and I've been playing a lot moreon 2nd Life, an immersive virtual environment that'smassively multiplayer. Imagine hundreds of people online wandering around avirtual world, able to buy and sell things, land, and design their own things.Fun! Unfortunately, my laptop really isn't powerful enough to do it well --the graphics and memory limitations mean that I tend to crash a lot, and I'vehad to turn the graphics down to a bare minimum. It's still fun though. Maybesometime I'll get a powerful enough computer to play it well.

And now, the news that's worth knowing about... there's a lot of it.

There's more to say, but I'm still ill.

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