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Essence of Geek

Life provides humour, I provide the laughs.This Penny Arcade strip reminds me a bit of thisreally old BLOG entry. Ahh, extreme geekitude. This reminds me of a recent thingI heard at work. One of my coworkers is running experiments involving novellanguage constructs, and he's using Japanese as the test data. He thus, duringpre-experiment screening, asks people if they know any Japanese. Today, he askedthe question, and one of his subjects said they know a little bit from havingwatched a lot of Anime. This is definitely CMU :)

As Quealy notes, it's time soonto do yearly reflection. Not in this entry, but soon. Before I do, I want toreread each and every entry in my entire BLOG, to reunderstand myself. Thatmight help me with some recent things in my life too.

In my last entry, I mentioned the trouble caused when someone *gasp* showed aTaiwanese flag in the Olympics. It's also worth noting that not only does theChinese government have the ability to throw its weight around to control whatis seen, but so does the private sector. People who bring in things that arn'tof the right brand are endangered by that too. How wonderful. We have,in a nutshell, both governmental and corporate entities deciding that theywant to establish a kind of mental landscape for the event, and that brookno interference with that. People who focus only on state power and oppressionare missing half the picture. Corporations are not your friend, nor are theysociety's friend. Free markets lead to enslaved people.

Here's some more beating of the war drum by our idiot-in-chief. Thisreally worries me. I really hope that he doesn't start another war, and moresohope that he doesn't reinstate the draft. Mark my words, if they move the draftage so I may be eligible, I will very likely flee the country. I am not goingto support the American government in that kind of war. I don't give a damnwhat the flag waving conservative types think, I am not a patriot, I am happynot to be a patriot, and I find patriotism to be a minus when I see it inpeople. I have principles, and there are circumstances where I would fight ina war, but those circumstances are rare.

Google has a neat thing out called Keyhole.Unfortunately, it costs money, and more unfortunately, it doesn't run underLinux. Phooey. What it is, is a virtual environment of Terra, constructedthrough sat. imagery. Neat! I'd love to see Second Life import all of thatand make simulated environments, in real size, for our entire planet. They havealso given us a nice litsearch tool. This is handy -- I'llprobably use it at work (and then use CMU's electronic library resources to getthe content). It's interface is simple, but that's a good thing, in this case.

Oh, and for LP types out there, here's an interview with Badnarik, the LPcandicate for presidency of the United States. Na klar, there are also a lotof interesting comments beneath. Ahh, such vivacity, in American Libertarianminds. Go ahead, close your eyes and gun your motorcycle up to 90. It'll besafe.. for a few seconds, at best.

If you're on windows, and have a sick sense of humour, perhaps you'll likeJFK Reloaded, a game where you play Oswald, and you're tryingto kill Kennedy. It naturally has a lot of people angry about it. For somethinga bit less controversial, you can celebrate killing random other people, courtesyof the U.S. government, in America's Army. After all, American President GOOD,Foreign Soldier BAD, right?

Incidentally, whatever happened to the SCO lawsuits on Linux?


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