Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Laughing Virus

Last night's dream was strange. I was part of a group of government typesand had been arrested on a space station, along with Kofi Annan. The arrestersaid that our tyranny had come to an end. While they were talking, some of thenonhuman critters that were part of the group including a small elephant anda lot of other creatures, began passing a data disk between them, somehoweluding the eyes of the arresters (who were just arresting us in some kind ofpolitical way, not in police style, and we were in a big, open control/workroom for the space station). Finally, the data disk, which resembled an oldSega Genesis game pack, reached the end of our line, and the last person inour group calmly walked over to the computer, and slammed the disk into oneof the workstations. Immediately, on the giant screens in the room, thephrase "Priority Upload" appeared, and shortly after, the computer was run byan AI we had brought with us, which announced that the station wouldself-destruct. The dream then repeated several times, for my amusement. Once,I did my best to be the first to the escape shuttle, narrowly losing out tothis really fast kid who managed to slip ahead of me (although it was a bigshuttle, so that's no problem). Another time, I just waited for it to explode,as this was one of the dreams where I was pretty much immune to harm myself.Ahh, dreams.

Tags: dreams

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