Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
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Parallel Paper

I've gotten the next version of my BLOG up to a demoable state -- thecommandline importer now works (topics untested) enough to import entries,and the markup works well enough to do some things (a lot is untested).What's not working? A lot! CSS is probably not even close to what it shouldbe, the generated HTML is still not CSS-centric and I don't know how much of thecustomizable CSS code paths are still intact. The login system was gutted, andI'm not looking forward to rewriting it. There are presently no web ways tosubmit either Wiki entries or BLOG entries, and I'd like to fix that. The wholething is probably very buggy and may need a fair amount of refactoring, butdeveloping it is going to be a lot easier now because I won't be working inthe abstract. It (minimally) works! w00t

On a different note entirely, I hate my car. I hate cars in general. When oneadds insurance, registration, emissions testing, the number of repairs thathappen in a year, tickets, likelihood of being towed and costs in there, andgas all together, plus the hassle of all that and dealing with dirt, thingsbeing splattered on it, etc, they're very painful to own. Today I picked my carback up from the city lots, because it was towed from in front of my apartment.Apparently there was a wedding, and someone made a request for it to be towed.I saw no notice of this, and I'm going to go to parking court to fight this one.I'm think that it's the Yeshiva folks a quarter block down the street who didit, but I'm not certain -- last time they held a wedding, they dropped me a postcard a few days in advance asking me not to park. Maybe that was just the peoplegetting married and not the Yeshiva oganization itself. If it was done in theYeshiva, I'm going to go talk to them asking the organization to always sendletters, and if they say no or if it's not them, I'm going to see what I can doto ban weddings on my street, writing a number of letters to people who might beable to help. That will make me feel better. I hate owning a car. I am presentlythinking of selling my car, and not having one. I think I can get by happilywithout one, but will try not driving for a few weeks to see, probably rightafter I get back from Europe. Cars are a stupid waste of money and a majorhassle. I need to find out if they're really worth it to me or not. I'm going tolearn a lot about public transit. To my readers, do you drive? What would ittake for you to drive less? Is public transit in your area good?

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