Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dusty Pratfall

It wanders across the desert, examining each landscape, each hillfor that special look, each distinctive place-ness for the match withits individuality. Desperate body asked to make a last journey. Finally,a place looks right, the folds of sand resemble its body, the chaosproviding a space for its personality in a form that it'd need to searchthe whole world to match in more static realms. "Borrow freely from nature,respecting its nature, and you both shall prophet", its mouth unconsciouslyquotes the book, even as its mind turns elsewhere. It lies down, willingthe life from its body. The body struggles, tears flow into the fluid sand.The fish begins to drown in the water, and then nature betrays the mind.Gasping angry desperation, it thrusts hands deep into the sand. The oilreturns the water, a puddle of distinction within an ocean.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed that my cheek had a massive gouge onit, with blood streaming from it. I then noticed that I was still asleep,and when I opened my eyes for real, it was gone.

As disturbing as this is, it dwarfs some other disturbing things in my liferight now. Betrayals and sunken dreams. Perhaps to be described later.What can you really do, when two parties hold the ends of a bridge,and the other party does something incredibly stupid with their end?One can shout until one is blue in the face, but unless the other side islistening with an open mind, it's just chest-thumping.

At work, the second amd64 1U system came in. I'm happy about it, but botheredby the way that smp kernels still appear to be flakey on a lot of recentsystems. I'm getting to be afraid of kernel updates, because many of themare so broken.


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