Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Game of Good and Bad

  • Good - Reorganizing the servers in my workplace is done for now
  • Bad - Said maintenance started at 3am last night and took a long time, hence no sleep.

We have this aging server called bester that, according to the messages it'sbeen spitting out, has been slowly experiencing more and more memory or CPUrelated NMI's (read: It's dying). This server has been in my group forever, withlots of custom, largely undocumented work to make it friendly, and lots ofcool brain-analysis software, some of which has unknown sources that googlecan't find. It also had two huge raids connected to it giving it multipleterabytes of storage. I, being worried about us being super-dependent onhardware that's dying and a software configuration that's difficult toreplicate, got us a shiny new dual-amd64 rackmount system many months ago from areputable vendor (Penguin Computing). Nevermind that I don't (yet) have a rackfor it, nor even a room that's reasonably well ventilated -- those are battlesfor a later day. Alas, the vendor doesn't have rear wide-scsi faceplates, soafter going through a lot of pain trying to get a preferred vendor, or anyauthorized vendor, to sell me one, I just order one out of my own pocket oneBay. They're cheap -- not a big deal. Unfortunately, there's also a comedy oferrors relating to amd64 -- turns out that SUN's JDK on amd64 isn't quiteup to snuff, so after debugging that for awhile, I decide to go with the x86JDK. Also, some of the brain-analysis software we're using isn't 64-bit-pointerclean, so I compile 32-bit x86 versions of the software after an abortiveeffort to rewrite large parts of it. When everything is, in theory, working, Ihave the dying server export the RAID over NFS to the new server, and leave itthat way for two months while I'm busy running experiments and don't have timefor heavy sysadmin stuff. Some people try alba, and I work out several otherglitches. Finally, with my most recent study being done, tonight was the nightto clean up the situation. I installed the SCSI faceplate on alba, moved theRAIDs to it, and made alba the sharer and bester the sharee. I also did someheavy-duty cleaning of the machine closet. Yes, I know it's boring, but I amquite pleased to have this finally done. W00t! Unfortunately, I have things todo at work today, so I haven't gone home. Tonight, I will probably sleep ratherwell.

And now, other things!Some time ago, on Wikipedia IRC there was a discussion about the McDonaldscoffee case, and someone provided a pointer to a summary.Apparently some people support the coffee-spilling lady, feeling that thecoffee was unreasonably hot, relying on surveys from people as to how hot theyexpect coffee to be. I still think that's crazy -- maybe it's the way I wasraised, and I am admittedly not a coffee drinker, but if coffee is at allsimilar to tea, when I order it, I expect to get it as close as possible toboiling. Drive-through or not, that's what I call good tea (and possibly, byextension, coffee). I'm not a big friend of corporations, especially with mypolitics, but I am a big fan of good tea, and I am also bothered by stupidlawsuits that make life worse for the rest of humanity. Life doesn't come withtraining wheels, and when people get hurt, it's sometimes their own damnedfault.

China says it's anti-secession law is aimed at peace. Hmm.

Visual Basic Developers revolting. I always thought so.Perhaps if these people ever learn a real programming language, they won'tfind it so difficult to move between them. As is, they're expecting developmentsin automotive technology to make their tricycle faster.

Oops! I'm out of time. More later, perhaps.

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