Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


The damage from this year's taxes wern't too bad. Apparently, the differencebetween what was withheld from me through my employer and the sum taxeswere just $135. Not fun, but not a disaster. My chosen provider for payingonline, Taxact says that I'min the top 30% of americans for gross income. From this can be concluded afew things. Most Americans don't make much money. In theory, I should be ableto support a family on what I make. In practice, because I live in a city,and moreso because I live in an expensive part of the city, my actual disposableincome is not all that great. This is a striking point -- I am presently livingin the most expensive place I have ever lived since moving from my parentscare. Slightly over a third of my post-tax income goes into it. Suckage!

I keep thinking of a conversation I had with Leon in Columbus on governmentand cost of living differences between areas. Is it meaningful to say thatI make a lot more money than person X if they live somewhere where realestate is less expensive? Real estate costs vary widely all over the world,as do several other categories of expenses. How do these different costsvary as compared to exchange rates between currencies? Hmm.

Last night, PUSH came over and watched Saved at my place. The movie wasspooky and interesting. Part of me was horrified all the way through.

I think I've come close to a conclusion, modifiable by circumstances and perhapsdecisions/argument from certain people I know, regarding Qatar.


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