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Ceilidh 2007: Printer Jambouree

Hey all, I looked it up -- the last Ceilidh was in Jan 2006, so this next one will be Ceilidh 2007. As some of you know, I have moved, but I am still in Squirrel Hill (3 streets over). My new place is .. differently arranged - inside, it's smaller (but still reasonably arranged). It has a nice porch with a good set of chairs in the front, and a small back porch with a grill (that, being essentially veggie, I have never used) in the back. The porches may be excellent places for people who cannot handle cats to hang out (although I could, alternatively, stick the cats in the bathroom if it seems warranted). Reference:

It's not a bad place for a gathering. Please point anyone who's not on my lj friends list who should come to the gathering to this poll.

Poll #865423 Ceilidh 2007 poll

If you're up to attend, what weekend(s) would work for you for Ceilidh 2007

Sometime in 2006, oh the irony...
Weekend of 2-4 Jan 2007
Weekend of 12-14 Jan 2007
Weekend of 19-21 Jan 2007
Weekend of 26-28 Jan 2007
Weekend of 2-4 Feb 2007

I am interested

In talking about philosophy in the earlier part
In schmoozing and hanging out
In playing video games or board games

Any food/drink requests?


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