Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Empty, Dead Smiles

Today didn't exactly go as expected. First off, Gaia decided to throw mefor a loop, making the weather all cold and rainy. Secondly, there was asurprise visitor for the first part of my day. So, the house did not getaired out, but .. hmm, I guess I didn't really have any plans for todayapart from that, so the second thing was probably a good thing. Other thanthat, I did more work on my BLOG software at Coffee Tree, stopped by Whole Foodsto get more ingredients to cook with (but forgot to get more spinach. Oops!),and now am at work to do more of the new brain analysis and to get on thenet. It's already kind of late, but now the blasted daylight savings time junkstarts again.

I am presently trying to decide if I want to let my hair get long again.

While I was in Columbus, I picked up the latest CD from a local band Ilike, Watershed. It's good stuff.I still need to figure out how to order the new Plaid Tongued Devils CD.


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