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The middle link is the interesting one, and pleases me immensely. The backgroundis that Bitmover makes version control software called BitKeeper, and theirsoftware, while commercial, is highly regarded on Windows, Unix, and otherplatforms. Some years ago, they convinced Linus Torvalds to manage the kernelsources using their software, angering a number of people in the opensourcecommunity (the thought being that we should be using opensource software tomanage our opensource OS). Unfortunately, despite numerous petitions and alot of outcry, noone convinced Linus otherwise, even when BitKeeper incorporatedan obnoxious clause in their license that noone involved in using their specialdumbed-down version for the opensource community was allowed to be working ondeveloping competing software. Apparently, one of these developers, who worksin the Open Source Development Labs, kept on developing an open competitor, andbecause OSDL uses bitkeeper, Larry McVoy, who runs BitMover, decided to phaseout the opensource version. Some people, largely the people who never werebothered about Linux development relying on closed-source products, arequite unhappy, but other people, like myself, see it as a cause for celebration.Finally (hopefully), Bitmover will not be used for Linux kernel development,and we won't have McVoy continuing to seduce people in the name of cooperationwith big business. Sure, Big Business is welcome at the table of opensource, butlike with IBM, it's by our rules. IBM is welcome because it plays nice, whereasI am quite happy to see Larry go, and wish it had happened earlier. If I drankregularly/for more than just the taste, tonight would be a time to go out anddrink to celebrate.

I am again bothered by some friends from the atheist group in Columbus who,in what I see as a desire to be all *sensitive* and, well, frankly from mypoint of view, weasels, are now emphasizing themselves as being humanist.They become wed to the idea that there's no real difference between believingin deities so long as you're not oppressive/intolerant/whatever to science andthe liberal ideal, and as that becomes their source of identity, they feelmore and more free to develop some kind of a vague mysticism or spirituality.Stupid and disappointing. Maybe I'm wrong about these people.. I hope so.

Unrelated, my attention recently has been drawn to this group ofconservative folk. This worries me -- while I understand that there are somecases where what they're fighting against is legitimate (e.g. the systematichushing up of rightist voices on campus), most of what they're fighting isareas where they're pushing barbarism and pseudoscience.

The next version of my BLOG software is now as feature complete in all areas asthe old one (well, people without accounts *ahem* cannot yet set their themes,but that's easy to add later). I will deploy it very soon, ready or not.

Oh, and in my first few days of playing with them, I have come to the conclusionthat CivCTP2's interface totally sucks. They made a number of nice improvementsto the game from CTP, but they ruined the interface. All the units are ugly,the game doesn't have a nice way to let you know that you're not buildinganything in a city (you need to go look around every turn), and the dialogsare poorly designed.

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