Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Charon's Departure

Welcome to POUND v4. This is my first post since implementing thetransition, and you'll note the new URL and all that fun stuff.This version finally implements the Wiki format, so it's easier for me tomake entries (and possible for you to reply) in a structured way. The Wikiis present, but not currently open for anyone but me to edit. Sorry about that,but you'll need an account to edit on the Wiki. New features:

  • RSS no longer sucks. I kept to the spec more closely with this implementation than the last time
  • ATOM feed implemented, hopefully also close to spec
  • Files can be stored in the database as BLOBs (but no web-interface to upload them yet)
  • User preferences (well, a few) for those of you who have accounts (but no web-interface to request one yet)
  • Wiki (that's ugly as sin)
  • Wiki format (that's cobbled together and extremely fragile)
  • Multiple BLOG hosting capabilities (but not much use until I get web posting of blog entries working)
  • Security is improved with regards to how passwords are handled
  • The code organization is much better (but still needs some cleanup to keep things conforming to the new design)

Sorry, comments are closed for now. It'll hopefully open again soon -- I havemore cleanup and code review to do before I want to open it back up.

Oh, let me know if you spot any bugs...

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