Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dangerous Heart

My heart (yes, my real one, not a metaphor) has been acting up againrecently, much to my irritation. I had thought that it was going toonly have episodes every month or so, but recently it's been almostonce a week. Oddly, I haven't been doing anything more or less oftenrecently -- I still exercise as much as I did, eat well, etc etc. I hopeit stops doing it so often, or I'll need to talk to the cardiologistand consider the (scary and nasty) surgery. Interestingly, thetechnician at the MRI scanning facility, Scott, has roughly the samecondition, and had the surgery, and it didn't work for him. Hmm.

I was thinking about starting the internet matchmaking search thingagain, but I still don't feel at all like dating anyone. I imagineI could do the nonserious dating thing, and it might be fun, but itcan also get kind of messy. I wish I would hear back from CMU on theQ thing.

Some online friends keep nagging me to do those stupid quizzes, so here's one,and I hope not to hear any more about these things for awhile.

List the 3 things in your life that most irritate you

  1. My cats when they enjoy knocking things over, like the garbage can, wine glasses off the sink, books off the bookshelf, and anything else they can get their paws on
  2. My heart, when it decides to have an episode, generally while I'm walking somewhere
  3. The Behemoth (my car), which is always finding new problems. I get revenge on it by not driving it for long periods of time by walking and taking the bus. Right now the thing randomly thinks one of the doors is open and beeps at me about it, randomly refuses to lock the driver's door, and consistantly refuses to lock or unlock the door behind the driver's door.
  4. My note: All in all, I'm not doing too bad if these are the three most irrating things in my life
    </dl>List 3 things in your life that please you the most
    1. My laptop, which despite now having a battery life of about 15 minutes and being rather beat-up, still works well, is reasonably fast, and is still a good desktop replacement. I will probably need to replace it sometime, but it can wait until I can afford it.
    2. I have a cool job where I'm doing something I consider noble (science), I'm not starving in order to do it, I'm not bored doing it, and I largely set my own schedule to fit the life I want to live.
    3. I can avoid stress in life effectively
    List 3 things where you've achieved more (or more quickly) than you thought you would
    1. I never thought I'd get into cool psychology studies so soon after taking classes in the field
    2. I seem to have about as many friends as I want or can handle, or at least am not too far short of what I'm hoping for in that area
    3. I got POUND v4 deployed before I thought I would, and am now slowly moving all the old BLOG stuff into redirects, eventually to turn that code off
    List 3 areas where you've achieved less (or less quickly) than you thought you would
    1. My last relationship really could've worked out, I think, but it didn't. Moreso, I was hoping to be well on the way to marrage and having kids by this age, and so far it doesn't look like that's happening.
    2. I hoped to have more solid philosophy written, but it seems that I keep getting distracted whenever I want to write for it
    3. I wish my sci-fi fantasy blog were further along, and ditto for the reasoning.
    List 3 hopes you have for the future
    1. I hope that CMU offers me a position in Qatar that pays well so I can go there, do the time, and then perhaps come back to buy a house (or go elsewhere to do so)
    2. I hope that I find love again, be it from an old source or a new
    3. I hope I can find out how to fix my current analysis
    4. Umm... this is partly why I don't like these quizzes. The specifics are often too specific. I .. hope .. that I'll have a good meal from Srees tomorrow. Yeah, that's it.
    Ahh, whatever. These things bore me. Zzz

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