Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Use your dream voice

A few more strange dreams -- I dreamed that I was speaking Dutch whilewandering around the Netherlands again. It felt kind of irritating thatthe tolerance of society that we had struggled so long to build and maintainhad become so touristy. I then was on a large (space?)ship, partly made sane bysome kind of holographic projections that those with special glasses could seethrough. I was with someone who was summoned to meet the captain, and was goingto tag along, and after hopping into the elevator, and pressing the specialbutton marked captain's area, the floor display went wild and another displaycame down marking floors of a "earth simulator" floor. We stepped out into whatlooked like an area of downtown Columbus, and I was so happy to see real dirtin one of the nonpaved parts of the city that I sat there for a long time. Inoticed that my glasses didn't appear to show anything not to be real, and beganto wonder about that in the back of my mind.

More on that last dream -- often in dreams, I'm in a story that seems quiteplausible, but eventually, like a low-budget movie, or perhaps a story told bysomeone who's not all there, reality stops being lucid and starts to drift intosomething new. I think it would be an interesting form of insanity to live insuch an environment, mentally speaking. I wonder if we all spend our entire livesin our own paintings, with only the paint and fabric being common between us.

I think I'm whole again. That's good.

I recently finished watching the Baliwood movie, Kal Ho Naa Ho which Ibought from the indian grocery on Craig.. it was a great movie. I mostly watchedit at Coffee Tree, and the people behind the counter were amused. It'scheesy by American standards, which have a much more restrictive form of whatkinds of showcasing of emotions are appropriate. It's also much more interestingthan common American movies, which generally have some pretty regurgitation ofa boring set of American cliches (Disney movies are especially bad in this way).There are large aspects of the human experience that are never seen inmainstream American movies. I think part of this is because main characterstend to fit pretty squarely into a type of role that precludes signs of partsof their humanity, and it's rare that non-main characters get any development.While Kal Ho Naa Ho was largely a story about a love triangle, it also was about guilt, forgiveness, and families.

I've come to the conclusion that is a waste of time. It has new things most days, true, but they're almost always crap, like no-name speakers or things that arn't really good deals anyhow. Sigh.

One of the interesting things brought up by the movie is a discussion on first loves, to wit, that one never really gets over one's first love. I've heard other people say this as well, and it seems to be at least partly true. A question to my readers - does your first love still occupy a special place in your heart? Has this ever caused problems with later relationships?

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