Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Chalkman Dance

Today, after an exhausting and short session climbing, Dmitriy, Eric, and I went to Dancing Goat, where they have free wireless and decent tea (and too-large deserts). I instructed D on the art of mod_perl, and found out that, to my great irritation, the new SELinux stuff in Fedora3 makes mod_perl considerably lessfriendly to use. Apache is not allowed to look in user directories when loading Perl modules, and there are no settings (that I was able to find) that can turn that off. Solution: disable SELinux. Sometime I need to learn more about SELinux so I won't need to do things that are that drastic. Ideally, I would be able to tell SELinux that it's ok for Apache to load mod_perl files from a certain directory, or less ideally, to tell SELinux not to manage apache at all.

Sree gave me a HUGE can of black-eyed peas today when I came to get dinner. Hurrah!

I have a friend from Columbus visiting for parts of next week. I'm hoping that some Zets might be able to hook him up with a job at CMU or elsewhere.

Tags: tech

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