Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cat Wrestling

In the left corner, we have the Big Oreo, in the right corner, the Trail Mix Queen. Oh! Oreo's going for the head! He has her pinned.. but she slips out, and leaps on his back and ... they start to groom each other. The crowd is going wild! ..

There's something about the way cats play, and how fluidly their mock fighting switches back and forth with affection, that leaves a big impression on me.

I turned off the old blog, setting up redirects here. I hope that RSS clients understand and can follow redirects.

This is really wild. Apparently, a large number of spoiled documents from antiquity are decipherable through use of infared light, and so our corpus for classic studies is going to get larger. Hurrah!

Last night, at Coffee Tree, I spoke with a CMU professor from Greece. Apparently, he remembered me from last summer. We talked largely about federal and world politics, although largely it was him talking about how bad BushJr is. I agreed with him -- I think BushJr should be impeached and then see some jail time for the attacks on Iraq and the cloud of lies surrounding it that he gave to the world. Unfortunately, the conversation was mostly one-sided -- he was frustrated enough that he didn't really let me talk much. Afterwards, I got some programming done, and then talked political philosophy with Levi and his wife (whose name I misremember - she's a thin Russian girl who converted). They seem to be mildly conservative, but she at brings a somewhat European perspective to the conversation.

I made an absurd amount of my stew, in order to use all the black-eyed peas that Sree gave me. It's healthy, tasty, and quite disgusting-looking.

Something for readers to think about - if it were easy for you to set the number of hours you work, affecting your salary in a linear way, how many hours would you work a week at your current job? Do you think it would change over your life? If you'd take more time to yourself, what would you do with it? If you'd take less time to your self, what would you give up that you do now?


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