Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dude, You're Getting a Vax!

Sometimes, really bizarre serendipidy becomes visible, and can really leave one surprised. A few months ago, I commented to someone that they have an oddly named place near them, and them recently, uninitiated by me, and as far as I know, them, that place has effectively walked up, wiggled its ears at me, and walked away again. Life is sometimes strange.

PUSH met for the last time this school year yesterday. It's been an interesting year -- we failed to grow much, but still met, had a good time, and got registered. If I'm still around next year, we'll rinse, repeat, and hopefully get more people. On that note, I should have more word on Q later today -- it looks unlikely though, so if I get a nay, I'll seriously start looking to buy a house. I need a way to get a down payment though, so perhaps I can borrow some money from family. It seems that a lot of my friends and acquaintences are doing housewarming parties nowadays, including one this weekend. I think I gave a tenative yes to that, but I also gave a tenative yes to a picnic sometime this weekend -- I hope they're on different days.

I sometimes forget that my coworkers are intellectuals too, and then I hear (and sometimes participate) in conversations on meaningful things. Today, we talked about the conversation between the advocacy tendencies in techies, how it relates to people in general, and then evolutionary psychology. I was happy to be able to recommend they check out Professor McBurney's class and book.

Oh, there's a new pope.


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