Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Rock Cavity

I recieved a marrage proposal, in jest, from a coworker today. It surprised me a little bit, and for a second my perception of her face shifted. Sometimes jokes can do odd things to one, and sometimes getting attention from the opposite sex, even in jest, can change one's outlook. Then, after I reach my office again (this was during chat in the hall after a meeting), I got a mail from someone from one of the personals sites my profile is floating on. Is it really time to move on? Suckage, but maybe. She still is keeping her sugar daddy. If I stay in the country, then I guess I should keep looking for a life partner. Am I ready yet? I don't know, but one never really knows in these cases.

I keep having my attention drawn back to my perception of peoples faces, specifically how sudden shifts in perception of what's the same face can be jarring. Suddenly seeing someone's child face, teen face, or old person face, when you're used to a different perception.

Oh shoot, time to go!


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