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Alter Ego Speaks

As some of you may have noticed, I'm starting to put in Wiki links to my entries. Unfortunately, the default theme for my BLOG puts the colours in a combination where you can't actually read the Wiki entries. I need to fix that.

What's the difference between warlords in Afghenistan and warlords in America? The warlords in America wear suits. There's a hilarious story at the BBC about the Chicago mafia and recent efforts to wipe them out. Part of it is the picture from that article, of Joey "The Clown" Lombardo and Frank "The German" Schweihs. The guys look like they're more than a little unhinged and possibly belong in a circus. I would comment on how silly the two's naming conventions are, but apparently, by the article, it's widespread. Stupid names are part of being in the mafia, I guess.

I recently, at the request of a coworker, added stuff to my .bashrc to handle multiple history files. On the chance you may find it useful, see here.

Not that I blame them for politics as usual, but remember this the next time the republicans ever use that phrase (which I hate when uttered by any candicate), "Can't we put politics aside?"

Some scientists have a novel way to find new species -- eat it. Who would've thought that lunchmeat would be so enlightening?

We all knew he'd chime in eventually -- here's RMS on Bitkeeper. From the other side of surprise, here's cyeh on Bison.

Perhaps the Opera CEO won't be swimming to America anyhow. Amusing reason why not, though.

Some people have a strong reality distortion field.


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