Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Tilted Plains

Today on the way to work, the trees, clouds, and sun conspired to make a very pretty reminder of why I like Pittsburgh. There are some trees in Schenley Park that have intensely red flowers, and as the clouds moved across the sky, the patterns they made with the sun made the whole thing seem like paradise. Although I feel kind of guilty painting this on in retrospect, I have to comment that I wish I had brought my camera. Whenever there are no people around on the way to work, I tend to sing along with my Neuros.

I fixed the Wiki stylesheets so you should be able to read entries there now. You can follow the link to the wiki at the top of the page on my BLOG. Part of the problem is that I like black backgrounds, but that means that whenever I have text, I either need to put it inside a div that creates a light background for it to stand out against, or I need to give it a light colour. I forgot there. One of the things with moving to a div-central website design is that I see what might be an interesting next step for web design -- DIVs give a certain amount of control over presentation of a document, but they still provide structure. It may be interesting to abstract out structure into yet another layer, at least partly because DIV/CSS structure doesn't always match necessary document structure. If, for example, I have an icon that's associated with a box, but in some stylesheets I want it off to the side, outside the box, and for other stylesheets, I want it inside the box in a statusbar, I'm going to need to do some gymnastics to do that as is. I still have more to learn about CSS though, so perhaps this criticism is premature. There are some pretty serious downsides for abstracting structure out to another document -- one of the ideas of (X)HTML is that structure works seamlessly down throughout the entire document tree. Anything that makes it hard to embed more structure in an element takes away from some of the upsides of the design. It also may be ugly to nicely tag each content element so a structure tree could shape things as a whole.

I also found an old bug - apparently I was retrieving POST content incorrectly from Apache. get_client_block() must be called in a loop in order to get all of largeish POSTs, and I never noticed this before because I never was allowing comments or other POSTs that were large enough to go over the limit. That's fixed now. Next on the attack list is the parser, and then multiuser and web posting.

Oops! gtg -- fire alarm!

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