Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Like a Punk in the Desert

It turns out that my car was not towed -- it was actually parked at Coffee Tree, and I had forgotten it for a few days in the middle of Squirrel Hill. The Behemoth managed to only get a $10 ticket for the 2 days it was there. Hurrah! That's cheaper than parking in a city lot.

I also made a surprise and *very* brief trip to Columbus recently.

I've been enjoying to music from No Doubt, but found, on their website a number of music videos and was amused to find that the main singer is to me quite repulsive. It probably shouldn't make a difference.. It's the job of musicians to make music, not to be pretty.

Also on the topic of music, the song Dragostea Din Tei (you've heard it, even if you don't know the title, I'd wager) appears to be much more popular in the coverd versions than the original. I wonder if that's true for many other pieces of music.

I am very very tired. Goodnight.


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