Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stepping out of the Wake

The Wiki parser is rewritten. I am happy with it. It doesn't do anything it didn't do before, and its list of desired features is hence just as long, but it is significantly less buggy and easier to understand.

Recently, I've been watcing a series called Firefly, on DVD, with Jason and Rochelle. Apparently, it was out around the time Buffy was still big, and its central idea is a western set in space, specifically, a post-American Civil War-style western, set in space. There's a lot of "western"-style music, horseback riding, and pistols, mixed with spaceships, a psychic girl, and .. well, let's just say that the premise is ridiculous. Despite that, it works remarkably well, and is well worth seeing. JR suspect it was canned for political reasons. Fortunately, it's being made into a movie, to be released soon, and perhaps that'll spur a new series. I suggest you check it out.

My life has been interesting recently

  • surprise visit to Columbus involving
    • driving a car I never thought I'd drive again
    • meeting someone I've known, off and on, for awhile online
    • confirming what I see as a problem that's not my problem anymore
    • a surprise meeting with a friend of the family
    • leading to a brief saying of hi to one of my sisters
    • leading to knowledge of something I'm not going to talk about here
  • learned how to tell when tofu goes bad, the hard way
  • helping friends move
  • hearing about other friends getting married
  • This coming weekend, I will be in DC for a Wikipedia event. Thanks to the people on whose couch I'll be sleeping!
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