Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Something's sure going to happen

I find myself happily with a good amount of reading material. At CMU, there's a guy who comes out with many boxes of books when the weather is nice, and sells them for between 50 cents and two bucks apiece. I grabbed a copy of Steven King's Dreamcatcher (which I once owned, but loaned to someone, I have no idea who, who didn't return it) and Machiavelli's Prince. I also was loaned Bruce Campbell's autobiography by J and R. Hurrah.

I also find myself with a lot of things to do. I volunteered to help with SSA's database, and am still digesting their schemas. At work, I'm doing a similar thing, and trying to decide if I want to replace a website written in PHP with something new I'd cook up in mod_perl or Tomcat/Java. Work is busy.

Today also has, for some odd reason, seen fit to demonstrate to me that a lot of people know me around here. I bumped into some members of Debb's family at lunch, then some people I don't see very often at work, and then some people who I fairly often see but don't talk to at Coffee Tree really opened up to me tonight (with at least a bit of TMI from one). On the way back, I got some spaghetti at Eat'n'Park, and ended up bumping into someone from work and then someone else from Coffee Tree.

My suspicious mind is tellimg me that all this means that something is going to happen to change everything soon. I'm guessing it's just one of those quirks.

Tomorrow morning at 6am, I leave for DC so I can be there by 10. I'm up late so I can get laundry done. I have no idea what to expect from this Wikipedia gathering. If I feel like it, I might go back through College Station -- it's a bit out of my way, but I've been curious to see Penn State's campus. .. Actually, no, after looking it up, apparently it'd tack on an additional 4 hours of driving. Too much. Oh well.

I've been chewing on a few things, in particular how I've met and gotten with each person I dated. I'm going to skip one of the people on here. Sorry. As for Martha, I met her on Sentient, a mailing list for my friend Aug's new student group, Students for Freethought. We had a fierce political discussion online (my being a Libertarian at the time), and then met in person at the first meeting I went to. Later, we started making the first steps towards a relationship when I tagged along when other people went to hang out at her apartment, and later apologised if I were cramping her style with her friends. She later remarked that this showed how sensitive I was, and we eventually started to hang out. We started to date later on when we hung out at my apartment and talked about a lot of things throughout the entire night. With Debb, we first met on the OSU oval when she and my friend Aug were walking through (I think I was reading or something). It was a fairly brief meeting. A few years later, after occasionally crossing paths, I started chatting with her on IM after work, while working at GoAntiques. Eventually we hung out a few times, and I told her that I had a thing for her. We kept hanging out and eventually started to date. With Nicole, we first met at Zets, the first time I went to a meeting. She was still dating her previous SugarDaddy-type figure at the time, and I had issues with keeping a proper distance, so we eventually stopped talking. Later, we started hanging out again, and it eventually slowly turned into a relationship. In essense, in each of the relationships I described, I tended to know the person for at least a moderate amount of time before I started to date them, but was attracted to them from the start. Hmm.

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