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Harpal Tunnel

I recently have felt the urge to make music much more strongly. I need to get a musical instrument soon. After the end of this month, I'll have the credit card debt paid off, and could also afford to cancel my Verizon contract if I like -- I think that early next month will be a good time to actually do the purchase of whatever I decide to get. A guitar is kind of tempting. I might like playing Violin or Bass again, but String Basses are prohibitively expensive, and with both of them, I'd want to have some people to play with. A harp is also tempting -- I think I might like to have a lever harp (small, relatively portable).

A friend of mine is leaving town for Azerbaijan (2 years, peace corps) soon. The going away party is this Friday. I'm going to miss her -- I've known her for around two years now. I hope our paths will cross again sometime in life after she leaves.

I was talking today with a coworker that recently spent a good amount of time in China on vacation. She made it pretty clear that in China, hygenic supplies are in much shorter order than here -- apparently, very little toilet paper, soap, and the like are available in some areas. I guess I always imagined China as lacking a lot of the stupid waste that Americans have, but I didn't think they'd be missing things like that.

I recently have been drawn to patterns in music, in particular how when they repeat, it's possible to imagine their beginning and end at arbitrary points in the pattern (although the mind adapts more readily to some beginnings and ends, depending on beat and context). The choice of vantage can lead to a different experience when hearing the song. One might imagine that the "true" intended perspective is given by the origin of the pattern -- patterns would presumably always start in the beginning. If one were to attempt to make a pattern that would be difficult to mark in this way, perhaps a fade-in with implied continuation at lower volumes would work. We can thus stop too much logic from spoiling the party :)

I'm still doing funky database stuff for a group I was once involved with and similarly for work. It's actually kind of fun, albeit time-consuming.

A few days ago, I spoke with someone who gave me a printout of some of their philosophy. This actually happens surprisingly often. Unfortunately, the philosophy is almost always bad, and this is no exception. Imagine putting a number of cliches, moralizing, confused diagrams, pseudoscience, ramblings about quantum physics, mentions of yoga and meditation, mentions of Jesus, and admonitions that the Catholic church has twisted Christianity, and a good dose of "Can't we all get along" into a blender, turning it on high for a few minutes, and you have the mess that I was handed. To top it off, the thing is licensed GPL, but then goes on to contradict a number of elements of the GPL. I almost suspect that it was generated by a checklist of elements that the author thinks are cool, and that he tossed in without really thinking about any of it. I feel kind of bad, because the author's such a nice guy -- I really hope he never asks me what I thought of it, because I'd hate to burst his bubble.

Last night, I met up with some CTree employees at Eat'n'Park after they closed, and chatted for awhile. It was fun, but strange in a way I'm not going to go into.

From what I understand, Outland is to open again sometime soon. I hope to make a trip back to Cowtown soon after. It's a pity Insomnia isn't undergoing a similar change. I'm half tempted to get the ok from the original owner and reopen it here. It'd be a lot of work though. It would be an interesting opportunity to try out some ideas of the socialist way of running a business I've been tossing around.

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