Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sandy Eye Fever

I came to the conclusion that I should probably have a desktop machine, if for nothing more than Bittorrent. So, I dug out of my closet my 6 year old Alpha, dust it off, and plug it in. It still works (although SuSE reports that some kind of CPU check failed on it). I poke around, and find that there is apparently a version of Fedora for it, download that, and burn it onto a CD. I then move the burner from my dead system into it, and attempt to install. Unfortunately, that's a no go -- I'm not sure if it's a bad drive or bad discs, but it gets a number of SCSI errors when trying to read from there. I may try this weekend to install from a USB directory or perhaps over NFS.

Tonight, I saw someone become very amusingly drunk. This is partly because they're dealing with some bad news. Further, I saw a good deal of the happiness that people in good relationships have with each other. Yeah. Wonderful. It is, of course, not their fault for expressing being happily in a healthy relationship. Itis my fault for finding it an unpleasant reminder of where I am in life, and perhaps who I am.

Who I am right now, however, is someone about to go to sleep.

Tags: tech
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