Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

In Search of Retired Furies

I think I woke up early - last night's dreams are the kind I wish I don't remember. I was first at the wedding of this girl, E, to whom I've had a crush on for awhile (IRL, I would almost certainly not be invited to such an event. I have a surprisingly bad track record for being invited to weddings even for people I know decently well (and I don't, her), for better or for worse). I then saw everyone else I know who I'm attracted to married, dancing together in one big party, and walked out the door into the deep forest. I don't need Freud to interpret that dream for me :)

I'm trying to find a USB wireless (54g) ethernet adapter that has good Linux support and doesn't use ndiswrapper. Any advice would be appreciated - I spent a good amount of time trying to find something, and found some really interesting devices (Linksys has a "gaming adapter" that is a ethernet to wireless bridge, configured by a web browser. It's tempting, but it uses a plug rather than being powered by wireless), but nothing that looks like a no-brainer for my laptop. The reason I'm looking is that I've decided that ndiswrapper, which I've been using for awhile to load the Windows driver for my laptop's built-in wireless, makes my machine too painful to use. Keyboard and mouse events suddenly are lost, and the system becomes much less responsive as soon as I load ndiswrapper (sometimes I get a huge string of a certain character, sometimes others are just missing when I type, and the mouse often goes crazy). It's still usable, but it's like riding a bike and needing training wheels again. Eventually ndiswrapper confuses the kernel, which disables the interrupt for the wireless device, and I need to reboot to get it back (removing/reloading the module doesn't do it). I figure something with a native driver would probably be better behaved.

Ahh, another day...

Tags: dreams, tech

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