Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

It's time to make shit up

So, as you probably know, the Roman Catholic Popehood has changed hands because John Paul II died. John Paul II was a pretty popular guy, so it looks like people want him to be made a saint. From what I understand, saints used to be people who purportedly did miracles, made a big sacrifice for the church, etc etc. There's also a five year waiting period until one can be considered for sainthood. I don't believe in miracles, nor do I care too much about the welfare of the christian church, but there's something that irks me when I see degradation of meaning in the name of giving the people what they want. Imagine if, for example, the purple heart (perhaps another bad example as I don't care for the military) were to be handed out, as a matter of practice, to well over 90% of the soldiers in the army. Anyhow, the new pope decided to skip the waiting period for JP2, and now it's time for Roman Catholics around the world to make up some "miracles" to attribute to their hero, so he can be sainted. Sorry Catholics, but even moreso than most of the other religions of the world, yours is a joke. If real skeptics were to approach this miracle business, I would suspect there wouldn't be any more saints at all. Then again, if good skeptics had been around back in the right times, none of these religions would've gotten off the ground. Sorry Moses, it's just a stick, no matter how you wiggle it. Jesus, you were hiding the bread behind those trees. etc etc.


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