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Viewpoint From the End of the Queue

This has been a work-filled weekend, so far, and more of the same is to come. I've been setting up the new RAID, and am now moving all our data to it. Terabytes of data flying around.. There have been surprisingly few hitches so far. The RAID took a little bit of effort to configure, and apparently it's not kosher for a hard drive attached to a PC to be bigger than 2 terabytes, so it exported itself as 3 seperate drives. No problem, says I, as I set Linux's software RAID up to do a linear combination on them. The ext3 filesystem won't work for filesystems bigger than about a terabyte in size (no errors, just made me a 1T partition on the 5T virtual disk), so I had to use, with reluctance, reiser3. Next, it takes the data about 15 hours to copy (just wrapping that up now). So far so good. With luck, I'll have this all wrapped up and happy easily tomorrow afternoon. I'm also happy that my early tests indicate that the new RAID is considerably faster than the old ones. I have been watching all this in relative comfort -- I remembered to bring a blanket and pillow to work with me. I'm not yet sure if I'll spend the night tonight at work or not, but in any case I'm going out with friends for a bit in a few hours.

The job I was applying for in Qatar has disappeared from the HR website. I imagine this means they have all the resumes they need, they decided not to fill the position, or they filled it already. In any case, I now doubt I'm going to Qatar, so I can start to figure out what to do now. I probably should take the GREs, as they should only open doors and might be fun. Maybe I'll take the LSATs too -- I can't imagine, at this time, being a lawyer, but perhaps I could imagine defending environmental radicals or something. Then again, I'd need to take out loans to get through law school, and that would suck.

Last night, I briefly went to Coffee Tree after starting the copying, and among other things, talked at length with someone on gender roles. They were of the crowd that's unhappy that traditional masculinity, as it's been known in western culture, is no longer valued and is in fact discouraged. I'm not sure we really agreed on what traditional masculinity is -- one of their major lines of argument is that men are turning from family obligations in order to "find themselves" and write poetry, leaving wife and kids. I don't really see masculinity that way -- while I am of the crowd that cheers to see its fading, I tend to see masculinity as being bound up in homophobia, self-repression, and barbarism. Masculinity as I understand it opposes self-understanding, inner peace, and many forms of expression including frank discussions of feelings, poetry, and the like. The childish rapper mentality of always being prone to fight if honour or family are impunged, and enjoying fighting are just barbarism that civilized society should not encourage. I see no reason that the good or bad qualities we see in a person ought to be different by their gender, nor that these new, liberal humans ought to be worse for a family. Frank discussion of feelings should, I think, lead to stronger relationships when such relationships are based on an even footing, trust, and respect. That being said, the point was raised that moral relativism is leading to less societal ability to deal with destructive acts. From my point of view, moral absolutism is a useful delusion that we're just starting to learn to do without. I didn't bring it up at the time, but the distinction between LINK is critical. There is, I suspect, an evolutionary psychology inspired explanation for why the appeal of the "bad boy" is there for a lot of females -- the appeal lies in the baser instincts, and is presumably tied to, in the EEA, attraction to the ability to survive independantly and dominate others, which would presumably result in greater breeding potential. Our base instincts are, of course, things that we've learned to sublime to a great deal to build society, and as time goes on, hopefully without great inner trauma, we will get better at such redirections for the benefit of society.

In other news..Leftist militant factions are apparently on the rise. I approve of some such groups, so hurrah!It's not quite the basement of the Alamo, but apparently there's some interest in what's in the basement of the Taj Mahal.Seems kind of obvious -- kids who watch a lot of TV get fat. Fast food will do it to you too.In South Korea, researchers have found a way to tailor stem cells to targeted persons, eliminating rejection concerns. BushJr was quick to condemn the research.Also in research, Cornell researchers have made a device that can weigh DNA.We also have a monkey brain explorer. Hurrah.


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