Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Forgot that I liked it

Today has been a nice, sleepy day. I put some classical music in my DVD player, and slept, my cats cuddling around me at varying times. I don't listen to classical music often enough -- somehow I've been going more for other styles. It may be that I was listening to the wrong classical music -- today was a mix of Handel, Vivaldi, and Bach. It's hard for me to tell what classical tunes are going to have staying power with me, unlike more modern music, where I either like it or don't like it. Anyhow, right now I'm enjoying another bit of music that I had forgotten I liked -- Country Music a la Alan Jackson, in particular Chattahoochie.

This is very upsetting. Illegal loggers are destroying the Amazon, and Brazil doesn't have the resources to stop them. In cases like this, I would hope that militias could form that would just go down and kill the bastards. Literally, and completely seriously. People who would destroy one of the few remaining wild areas of that sort in order to make a profit have no sympathy from me, and I do approve of violence to protect the Amazon from business interests. Whatever it takes.

Last night, I was at J and R's, and we saw the end of Ice Pirates, which started as a Zets event some time back. The film is indeed horrible beyond belief, definitely MST3k-material.


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