Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sneaky Melody

What is success in life? In one sense, it's as simple as meeting one's goals in life. The phrase is so often used by a certain group of people, who share a lot in common in the goals they have, that the phrase has effectively been coopted to mean acquirement of wealth, power over other people, and the like. Until recently, this idea of success was largely tied to being male -- success or failure for a woman wasn't possible because they simply didn't compete in those spheres, at least "to win". Nowadays, women can compete too, although they're not expected to be the breadwinner, at least by most non-liberal types. By that definition, success in life is uninteresting to me. I don't want to dominate people -- I like working in smallish groups with other people, with an acknowledged specialty that I have where I have broad authority, and perhaps other skills otherwhere that I use for work too. That's not unlike my current job, which is a good match for me. I don't need much money, and in fact think that a lot of the means that people use to acquire and retain it are bad for society. I tend to avoid the term of "success in life" because it's too strongly tied to the fiscal/domination sense, but that doesn't mean that I don't think I'm successful now.

There are some things that I think I'd like to change, however. I want to live outside the United States for a few years, perhaps settling elsewhere for good. Qatar would be very cool, but it probably won't happen, so I'm now beginning to wonder if I could land a nice job in a University in Europe (most ideal) or somewhere else. Any of you out there in BLOGLand who might be able to help, please drop me an email at . The Netherlands would be fantastic, France, Germany, or the UK would be pretty cool. I'll learn whatever language I need to to fit in after I get there, but it might take me awhile to be fluent. Elsewhere in Europe, or the world, would also be neat.

In other news,I recently recieved a personality test from someone who was looking to interview atheists and others, comparing various personality attributes across them. The test seemed somewhat leading, but I sent it back fairly quickly. Then I got another snailmail from him, revealing that he's a born-again christian attempting to show that atheists arn't very prone to trust other people. He's apparently writing a book, and gave the usual christian spiel about how christianity is all about personal relationships blah blah changing lives blah blah changed his life blah blah. Unfortunately, his grammar is poor, and arguments poorer yet. I also wonder what kind of results he expects to get from his survey -- I doubt it's done with any kind of rigour, nor that the sample populations are well constructed. Oh well. At least he seems relatively friendly.

Pen moves swiftly over paper, letters wide and showy by habit, sharpened by haste and a change of character. Redundant lines, or extraneous ones, sit maligned on paper, unmarked flesh would guide the horse, a neigh the last blot.

Fury Beckons, fingers strum a rhythm to make the pattern
Habits Degrade, lost flexibility makes an unintentional parody
Bridging Gaps, between stick-figure words
End of the Ramp
Humility Prevents,
No Escape, from Clocktower

Tents turned cement, memory and mnemonics become permanent, and my mind loses the ability to forget the little things. My fingers crack, ossification proceeds as I become set into my little habits, big patterns grow around my mandelbrot life.

Cats sleeping on the blanket over my legs.


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