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I was walking on CMU campus yesterday, and a strange thought entered my mind -- what if grass had never come into being? Grass is, as far as I know, all over the world, covering the ground in most places where it's not inhospitable. It's a barometer of health of a region, and its absence in cities makes me unhappy. What would the world be like if it were gone? We might say that it's almost inevitable -- it fills such an obvious and necessary niche in nature. Would that be fair? It'd be easy to be wrong about that kind of thing -- could clover or vines replace grass? Surely something would grow if it didn't need to compete with versatile, wonderful grass.

The State of Washington may be a cool place after all. The PTA and other groups are making it difficult for military recruitment to happen. If I had a bunch of people to go with me, I'd happily stand outside their recruitment centres and do the same.

Again, I was almost conquered by the MEETING THAT WOULD NOT END WITH NO BREAKS. Fortunately, parts of this one were interesting, and plenty of available water managed to keep me mostly awake for it. To some degree, meetings relating to my job are a competition for a few of my coworkers -- fairly often at least one of us ends up nodding off in large meetings, and we're generally watching out to see who does. I wish that after every hour in any meeting, everyone had at least a five minute break to get up, walk around, and the like, because I think it'd almost completely eliminate the problem.

In the news...It's the time for Persian elections, and that's always interesting. Initially, the Guardian Council barred all the reformist (liberal) candicates, but the Ayatollah asked that it be reconsidered, and so they were restored to the ballot. Here's some commentary from the left.

Laura Bush suffers from the BushJr administration pissing off the world, this time in Israel.

Iraqi rebels kill security chief. When even the police arn't safe...

Some people might think this is clever, but personally I think it's rather dumb. Who really wants to do all that to type special characters in a word processor? Why isn't it easier?

Blue Iguanas look like green Iguanas. The babies halfway down the page look pretty much identical to the Igs I had when they were young. They're so cute!

I always thought that bureaucrats like people in the NIMH, especially afterwhat Nicole told me, were perfect examples of the worst of capitalism, but I think I've found new candicates. A virus encrypts your files, and demands a ransom for you to get them back. It would be perfect if it were illegal to try to get your files back by cracking the crypto because of anti-circumvention laws.

Syria has called a time out on the United States for fighting terrorism, because the US is, according to them, being unfair in its criticisms. I have no idea on the merit of the claims -- I just hope BushJr doesn't leap on this as an excuse for another war.

Here's a new toy that might be fun ... well, actually not. I have the one true keyboard, and I already had this idea -- at home, I removed all the keycaps from one of them.

Apparently, Google and Microsoft are to compete in their map efforts. With the image halfway down the page, I find myself wondering if I'm the only person who thinks about SimCity when I see that.

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