Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dream Rescue

I had a dream -- I was with a bunch of people I knew over the years, at a camp of some kind set on a cliff with lots of woods. One of the people is a cute girl who works in another group at CMU with sad eyes, that I'll call S. Another person is an old college suitemate I remember from Lincoln tower, my first two years of University by the name of Kenny. We were all wandering around near the cabin, and someone somehow manages to drive their car past the barriers onto a narrow ledge where it's partly balanced, partly over the cliff. I, and everyone else around me, can immediately tell that they're not going to make it out without the car falling, and seconds later, the car does indeed fall.. to another such position. The victim is still alive -- it looks like an oriental guy, and he waves his hands and manages to get one of the doors open and starts to pull himself out, but the car keeps shifting and looks like it might fall again. Suddenly, I realize that I should do something, so I ask everyone else to move out of my way, and start to climb down to the car, realizing quickly that the grid that goes partway down does not extend far enough. Good old Kenny, who's an Agricultural Studies Major, and who has one of those personalities that, while not exciting or bursting with liberalism, has a hell of a lot of common sense, starts plodding off in a direction, so I follow, but run, so I get there first. It turns out that there are helicopters that the camp has, but I do not know how to fly a helicopter, so they're no good to me. It being a dream, I redesign them with my mind so they have a simpler interface -- a levitating ball that I lightly tug in any direction to get the craft to move the same way. I've often thought that this would be an ideal interface -- suspend something in midair by a bunch of rubber bands from every direction, and have sensors to detect what bands get pull in order to determine 3d movement. Anyhow, the dream started to end then, as I just woke up, but I realize in retrospect that it would've been simpler if I had just used psychic powers to fix things, either floating down, or moving the car up to me. I'm not sure if this was one of those kind of dreams though.

It is funny though how people one used to know can be pulled out of the blue like that by dreams...

Semi-recently, my laptop has been emitting strange smells, and then the wireless died on it -- the driver still loaded, but no networks were detected. Last night, when J and R were over, J and I took out the card, looked at it, and reseated it. It then proceeded to work. Cool. The system is still not trustworthy, but at least it lives now.

Yesterday I got my cats a scratching post. Hopefully they'll use it and stop using the couch.

For today, perhaps some rollerblading. I wonder what the weather's like..


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