Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

La Nova Sui Generis Weltanschauung

I ordered a USB wireless device that will be slightly embarassing to bring out, and by slightly embarassing, I mean "space cadet'. I will probably build a container of some sort for it so it will survive my laptop bag. Tomorrow, I choose what classes I take for next semester (likely my last at CMU). Here's my short list of preferred stuff:

  • 93-766 Hitchcock and his Films - Noon to 14:5 on Thursdays
  • 79-351 Cold War in Documents and Film - 15:-16:2 on Mon/Wed
  • 51-231 Calligraphy I - 18:3-21:2 on Wednesdays
I might try to take both the Cold War and Hitchcock classes, if I can make it into both of them.

I am free of the obligation to stick with Verizon on 5 December. If anyone can suggest an interesting, quirky, or good GSMphone (ideally Quad-band), I'd appreciate it.

I ended up throwing out one of my couches because part of it broke and because the cats clawed the side up. I'm trying to decide if I should replace it or not..

Yeah, boring entry.


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