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Selling Officiality

Recently, at a gathering of friends, I found that none of them there had heard, much less read, Douglas Hofstadter's book GEB. To rectify the situation, I'm loaning out a few of his books to rotate in that circle of friends until everyone's read everything, or until I get a nice job in Qatar or Europe and leave town.

Cholesterol, poisons, they pulse through the body, having forgotten their aim of corrupting the heart. Passions, urges to destroy, a new technological vampirism leads to synchronized beats and dark impulse. Gasps of life and decency are too weak to turn the hands of the clock. A riddle, dear reader -- to what am I referring?

(section not shown)

Last night, I had a fairly frequent dream element -- I had the old 3 Iguanas back, and they had somehow escaped out the front door, and I was chasing them, all the time knowing that I couldn't really catch them. This is always frustrating -- Iguanas are very fast and very good climbers, and at the time I cared about those Iggies a lot, so on the rare occasions they escaped even within my apartment, I was very unhappy. It would be extraordinarily difficult to catch even one of them outside.

Check out the appropriately named PUGS project, which aims to implement Perl6 in the horrific monstrosity known as Haskell.

I'm now in the market to get local colocation for -- I'm running out of resources on my current managed virtual server because they give me almost no disk (2G) and no RAM (128M). If you're a techie in Pgh, here's what I need (none of this is negotiable):

  • Nobody at the colo centre has an account on my system or management software/hardware running on it
  • I get reverse DNS mapping to the nameserver I run on the box
  • A powered, cooled, networked rack is there, so I can put a 1U system in
  • Don't block my ports, and I get a real, static IP address that will not change unless I ask it to for the entire time I'm a customer
  • Infrequent downtime
Apparently, British researchers have found that the female ability to orgasm is weaker or stronger based on genetics. There are a number of odd things about this -- it's funny that the research is done on Brits. The article has a picture that comes about as close to porn as I've ever seen in a genuine news story. The closing paragraph is also kind of funny -- "Either way, specialists say the findings don't mean women who inherit an unfortunate gene package are doomed. They just mean that more work, or patience, is required."

The U.S. leads in mental illness. We're number one! WE'RE NUMBER ONE! .. Oh, wait a minute. The U.S. leads in *having* mental illness.

The Bolivian people have decided they're tired of being owned by foreign gas corporations, and so they've forced several leaders to resign. They're working to undo past wrongs that allow the plundering of resources for the benefit of American and European businesses.

I am starting to play Nationstates, an online 'game' where people run multiple countries and develop them in a "Choose Your Own Adventure" kind of way. My Nation is the People's Republic of Larnesia. One of the things that makes this interesting is that it's run by the author of a book that I've been meaning to buy for quite some time (haven't read it yet, but I believe it's worth having based on numerous recommendations from friends). Currently, Larnesia is part of the USSR region, but it's easy to change regions (which is weird, for a country -- previously Larnesia was in the Pacific).

Apparently, to the irritation of Mexico, the U.S. has offered to supervise democracy in South America. Perhaps America can supervise elections in Florida first? Or maybe they can try their hand in supervising certain elections in China?

I spoke online with an old friend who I haven't seen for awhile last night, and talked politics. Said friend is a Libertarian, and I am again reminded how repugnant I find those positions nowadays. Selfishness with resources bleeds over into selfishness with rights, or, named more honestly, privileges. Caring about rights to run a business the way one wants when people are dying because of other policies one supports is .. well, just a rather amazing position to have.


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