Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Seeking the New Nakedness

Having dropped off my hat last night for some minor repairs, I realise that I feel naked without it. This is roughly akin to the first few days after every time I've shaved the facial hair I now occasionally grow. With the hat off, I noticed the weather more intimately this morning - it is miserable... It reminds me a bit of the endless races I used to take Debb to - I never remembered the warm-weather ones (because things were so nice out) - it was always the winter that made me notice... Still, it was often enjoyable. I may be physically miserable in any sort of non-warm weather, but my sense of aesthetics doesn't turn off (and as snowboarding in the Alps reminded me, there are ways to become distracted from the cold itself).

I got into none of the classes I wanted. My best chance is the Hitchcock class, where I'm 5th on the waitlist. If anyone can suggest other classes I should consider, please do so.

As I may have mentioned earlier, I am considering getting a Wii (soon to be released Nintendo console). I'm not in a big rush, because I have plenty to do apart from playing videogames (programming, reading, writing, walks in park), but it might be fun to play some of the new games. I'll probably keep my Gamecube around to play gameboy games though... Games I'm looking at:

  • Zelda 7: Twilight Princess - Another 3d Zelda game.
  • Trauma Center: 2nd Opinion - A surgery game. Novel, and apparently the DS version good good reviews. Many people who game more than I have recently have suggested this to be good.
  • Barnyard - A solid maybe. Controlling adventuresome farm animals in an open-syle game might be amusing.
  • Super Mario Galaxy - Another 3d mario game. It'll probably be a must-have for the system one it's released (after system launch)
  • Smash Brothers Brawl - The game I'm most looking forward to. I expect this to be awesome, although it's not to be released for awhile.
I'm looking forward to attending tomorrow's party - I got a (hopefully tasty) pie to bring.

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