Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dancing in the Belly of the Beast

Recently, Jennifer Government arrived, and last night, I finished it. It's a good read -- I enjoy dystopian books, and this one is well-done.

I have a few things on the table over the next few weeks -- a picnic this weekend with friends, a wedding to attend in early July, and a trip to Cowtown as soon as Outland is open again, among others. I think the weather is good for writing -- I'm probably going to make trips to the park to do that.

In Europe, archaeologists have discovered artefacts and temples from around 4600BCE. This is exciting -- I wonder what they'll be able to find out about them. Over time, I've come to see archaeology and history as being more interesting. I'm not sure if its the added spice of political philosophy or not -- while I reject the idea of a single grand narrative as an only perspective through which to view history, having a few that I think are important does make everything much more interesting. I had a friend up through High School, Matt, who was all about history, and I wonder if he happened to start to see grand narratives earlier than I did. Many people in the programme were gifted in several ways (although at the time we didn't really understand it). While some of my gifts became visible to me during or not long after that time in my life, others took considerably longer to unfold. I sometimes wonder what it would've been like to have been in the shoes of a particular psychologist, Ms W, who was in charge of the design and administration of the program. I wonder if she would be proud of what some of us have accomplished.

Pakistan continues to impress us with their human rights record. In 2002, a traditional council ruled that a woman be gang raped because one of her siblings had an affair. When she reported it to the police, she was assaulted by them and then added to a no-travel list. The police eventually arrested some of the attackers, but then let them go, and arrested them again and let them go again recently. As a very minor victory, she has just been permitted to leave the country. These kind of atrocities are amazing and deeply saddening.


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