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From an Internetnews story, Causing a kernel to "panic" is a serious condition that in many cases causes a Linux system to shut down is an amazing understatement, along the lines of stating Being "impaled" is a serious injury that in many cases causes puncture of the skin.

Apparently, an amendment to ban burning of the American flag passed the House and is on the way to the US Senate. I again pledge that, should this thing pass, I will arrange a flag burning party in protest.

We have some of the most boring news in America -- apparently some boy sprout became lost in the mountains of Utah. Boy genius decided to go up the mountain, rather than down it. Dumb. His parents call him surviving a miracle. Also dumb. Near the end of the thing, he was hiding from his would-be rescuers because they were strangers. Quite dumb. Later after being rescued, he said he was doing good. Maybe not dumb, but bad grammar. He's doing WELL, not GOOD. Oy.

For those interested, below is the magic string I needed to pass to the kernel on one of my amd64 boxen to install Fedora 4 (fedora 3 did not need any magic):

ide=nodma acpi=off i8042.nomux resolution=1024x768

It may not all be necessary.


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