Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Willows on a Plain

It seems we are to end together, I step back from the tightrope, you from your cliff. The tents unhitched, the amniotic sacks packed to the brim with things we'll need, some things rehitched in our separate paradii, to remind us of these times. The rivers... I remember there were once bridges here, my feet made an echo with each step, far over the river. Mirrored goodbyes like gemini on Halloween. I will remember you, my friend, my sparring partner, my opponent, my .. something else that only old men share with each other as their weathered faces.. are ignored, Chronus's hat removed. I remember, with strange affection, all the sins you offered me, and all those I offered you. Virtue, the entryway to each home. I trust you to remember that I don't live in yours, as I struggle to remember you're a welcome stranger in mine. Windows are drawings on paper, in my pack. although... I still hope, with my careful steps, though you were the more human, I was the saner one.

It's amazing that so much is ending now. It feels right, and yet so sad. I sometimes want that sequel that will never come. The forgetting is hard to deal with - sometimes I almost feel like I'm a student at CMU, my mind editing my actual undergrad years entirely out.

I sometimes have dreams about a set of willow trees out in the middle of the empty parts of America. I imagine there's a field out there, far from any person, with willows sitting undisturbed, swaying in the breeze, enjoying occasional rain, week after week, year after year. Such peace occupies a special place in my head...


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