Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dancing in Molasses


  • I had a long conversation with someone on holiday from Germany, and was invited to drink beer with them (I declined)
  • Two more Jewish people I know were surprised to find out that I am not also Jewish
  • I had lunch with someone I didn't imagine having lunch with (not a bad thing at all)
  • I semi-made plans to have tea with someone I'd like to get to know better
  • I was shipped another CD from a band I like (the first was presumably lost in the mail between Canada and here)
  • I broke, and then fixed in a hackish way the configuration that makes the 6 Terabyte RAID I have at work function
  • I watched a bum at Coffee Tree talk to himself for about 40 minutes
  • I picked up enough junk on the way to work that I had difficulty keeping it all together with the hand I was using
  • I decided that it might be satisfying making occasional morning trips on the weekend, with a garbage bag, around to pick up litter
  • I thought of an interesting way to make it easier to remove items from the stick-spikes that people use when picking up litter professionally
  • I stopped by an independant video store and rented three movies, the first new nonanime movies I've seen for a long time. The titles are
    • Naked Lunch
    • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    • Uzumaki (horror film from Japan, subtitled)
  • I returned to work when I was waiting to leave at the bus stop, because something came up they needed me for
  • I got a job offer in the mail that, while I won't take it, would be interesting. It's in Philly, is a very high-end systems admin/engineer position involving kernel debugging, training junior sysadmins, and similar.
  • I was reminded that I've been in Squirrel Hill long enough for a lot of people to know my name who I don't expect to know it.
  • I had a very good hair day

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