Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Excess Surreality

I highly recommend seeing Uzumaki -- it's very creepy, and while it mixes in some oddly cutesy anime-style moments near the beginning, these are quickly swallowed by the feeling and then the reality of growing dread. It is, without doubt, the strangest horror film I've seen, its danger focusing not so much on the main characters as on the natural order of things. It's practically in its own genre. The main theme to Uzumaki is done by a J-POP singer who styles herself "Do as Infinity", and is called Raven. It's worth finding on whatever filesharing network you use.

Naked Lunch reminded me of Fear and Loathing -- it was similarly bizarre, with the characters and their interactions standing much taller than life.

Off to de-litter the park!


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