Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Living in mode +i

I recently have felt like I'm invisible, or to be more precise, like a denizen of London Below attempting to live in London Above.

(section not shown)

Unrelated, according to another KGB member, Romero's Land of the Dead is set in Pittsburgh. I quote:

In the movie, one of the last sort of outposts of civilization has fortified downtown pittsburgh, closing up all the bridges (Fort Pitt Bridge, Liberty Bridge, and i believe the Hot Metal Bridge are all clearly visible at various times in the movie) and fencing off the eastern side approximatley where Polish Hill starts (that is, the Strip District and the Hill district arn't protected.

The characters never really venture to the eastern side of the city, so it is unclear if the Catherdral of Learning or Wean still stands (although i dont think that zombies would have much of an effect on Wean).

The one thing that pisses me off about the movie is that the characters keep talking about "The river" as if there is only one...

It's an interesting idea. Pittsburgh would be a very different place with all those bridges closed.


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