Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

DNS Transition Game

Right now, if your DNS is really really up-to-date, will resolve to If it's not quite so up-to-date, it'll resolve to My email is being split between the two places right now.. I'm glad that my mail storage conventions are what they are (one message/file, each with the filename of the Unix time of their retrieval, or 1+ the previous message, when many are retrieved at once), or merging them would be inconvenient.

If any of you play Kingdom of Loathing, here's my character:

pgunn, the Level 7 Pastamancer

Muscle: 37 (24 base)
Mysticality: 41 (26 base)
Moxie: 31 (24 base)
Max HP: 37
Max MP: 41
Meat: 68 (currency)
Familiar: Torgo, the 20 (15 base) pound Mosquito

  • Hat: Dolphin King's Crown (35)
  • Weapon: Bamboo Bokuto (100, 1-handed)
  • Off-hand: Continuum Transformer
  • Pants: Knob Goblin Elite Pants (60)
  • Misc1: Shiny Ring
  • Misc2: Pine-Fresh Air-Freshener
  • Misc3: Dead Guy's Watch
  • Familiar Misc: Hypodermic Needle
Tasks I'm working on:
  • I can't yet defeat the goblin king. I'm working on leveling and getting the stats I need to take him on.
  • I easily get killed trying the Friar quest
  • I'm playing in pixel-land
  • I'm also taking vacations at the beach, in order to get frequent trip prizes
  • I sometimes visit the hidden temple for stat gains
  • I never come even close to maximum food/drink for a day anymore. I'm trying to rectify that.

I have not yet ascended.

Please DO NOT SEND ME STUFF. I don't want to be spoiled too much.. This is just for your (and my later) possible amusement.

Tags: tech

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