Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Unearned Neuroses

I bought a number of magazines for the trip to Max's wedding, and didn't actually manage to finish any of them (or either book, both since finished) on the trip. Today, I started on a magazine called Clamor, which had the provocative issue title of '101 ways to commit a crime'. One article had people write in with ways they committed a crime, and I found that kind of disturbing -- in some of them people were fraudulently buying or stealing things. In the next article, they described several groups that alter advertisements on billboards and the like, which I don't find objectionable at all. What's the difference? I think the key point is that a store is more property than a public space is, and items within it have a more legitimate claim to be owned. Billboards are manipulative devices put up in space that is essentially public in order to make an impression. The 'damage' is immaterial -- at best, it is over the nebulous notion of an impression. My approval of these things is presently more in principle than in action -- I'm not sure I'd be keen to alter advertisements myself, at least at present.

My predecessor visited me at work today, and, among other conversation, suggested I see March of the Emperor Penguins. Along with the remake of Willie Wonka, it's on my list of things I'm likely to see.

I recently read about the (rather pointless) skirmish between Britain and Argentina over some frozen islands in the antarctic area. Although the islands can be rather pretty, it seems odd to make such a fuss over them, for either side.

Persistance paid off, a bit, in a manner I am attempting to pursue. I wonder if anything will ever come of it.

Two interesting news bits from Al Jazeera. The first is largely comedy -- be sure to read the whole thing, because far more impressive than the headline is something else mentioned in passing that's practically impossible to do. The second sounds interesting -- imagine a remake of "Super Size Me", except with someone living so much as possible as a muslim for a month. As far as I can tell, it's part of this TV Miniseries. It probably will be worth seeing.


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