Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Austin is the Capital

Some southern humour for us..From an amusing BLOG post, "Trying to trace the peculiarity, he asked Texans to name the capital of the United States, often drawing the unhelpful answer 'Austin.'"

Someone else makes a try at the rules for Texas French. They also note BushJr's tendency to make a good impression elsewhere.

Last night, I spent a lot more time than I wanted to repairing my Neuros. It turns out that I've been a bit too rough with the thing, and parts of the hard drive are bad now. Letting Windows chkdsk churn on it for a few hours and then doing a lot of trial and error to find out that being plugged in won't necessarily provide enough juice for it to stay powered on an empty battery during heavy disk IO hopefully was enough labour to put into it to make it happy. If all is good, I have a lot of new music to enjoy on it for awhile.

This is very important. Coca Cola, maker of unhealthy, sugar-laden (or with carcinogenic fake sugar, if you prefer) drinks that rot your teeth, was embarassed by art that put a Coke logo in contrast to water shortages. They're preparing to sue the artist. Various public and private parts of India have, in a show of good sense, closed their doors to Coke. This is for good reason -- Coca-cola pollutes, hoards, and bottles toxins in its drinks.

I recently read about an integrated system to replace cars. It looks on the surface interesting, but as far as I understand, it's largely untested.


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