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Deutsch Musik

Ich bin froh, weil ich neues Musik fand. Ich suchte das Lied "Jerusalem", der alt Britisch Hymn, und fand ein bisschen Musik von die Deutsche Gruppe "Die Prinzen". Die Prinzen sind eine Gruppe, daB kamm von Chor des Thomaskirsche im Leipzig, und machen Musik das kritisiert Gesellschaft und ist auch oft komisch. Gutes, komisches Music.. Wie kann mann das nicht das sich mitfreuen?

Also, last night I tried another of my older systems, and managed to resurrect torgo (which was originally my first machine called holly), my old PPro/200. One of its disks didn't survive hibernation, which is a pity because it had a number of old backups on it that I'm not certain I have elsewhere. However, there's a lot of other good stuff that I pulled onto my laptop, and I can also use it to test other disks I have lying around for old stuff I want to keep (it now being the sole known working linux desktop, and hence the only thing that can use the fullsize IDE and SCSI disks I have). At the very least, I'll be able to toss out a bunch of the disks (after giving them quality time with my rare earth magnets) that are confirmed to be toast. My kick of tossing out useless junk in my apartment continues. There's a bit of art that I want to retrieve from storage at my mom's place at the next opportunity, and I should probably visit sometime soon anyhow. I would like to visit my family in Texas too, but now that my father is dead to me, that would likely be awkward.

I also have discovered Oscar Lopez, who does a lot of music in the flamenco style. He had a track on a CD I once borrowed from a friend, and I remembered it and looked him up -- his music very pleasant and moody. According to Wikipedia, he has not performed much recently due to severe depression. I need to listen to more music by similar artists to determine if the moody and sad moments are just part of him, or typical of the genre.


It's a sign that the Iraqi people love the American occupying forces when the Pentagon needs to develop new anti-crowd weapons to deal with the growing anger.

Canada takes a step forward, joining the Belsh, Niederlanders, and Spanish in legalising gay marrage. Meanwhile, American legislators haggle over exactly how stupid to be. Daylight savings time, which should be abolished, is instead proposed to be altered to span different months. This will, na klar, cost the world as much, probably, as the Year 2000 issue, as all computers will need to be updated to keep the new proper time. All this is, ironically, part of an energy saving bill. Zimbabwe demands from the chair to be recognized for its cruelty, and jwz demands to be recognized for his oddity. The chair passes both motions.

It looks like Fedora 5 won't be coming out for awhile, so FC4 seems to be a good thing to update everything to.

I feel like there's more to say, but it's difficult to express.Cycles, coming to end like the end of vibration in a string. Freshly opened eyes show youth and age. Beauty forged from adversity, worn down by excess. Falling forward, hands to catch end up awkward as the body moves forward and the hands back.


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