Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Ant-Worm Controversy

I was listening to some new music today, and realised a certain something about how there's a tonal similarity between part of the song designed to elicit sympathy and the sounds people make when in pain. Now when I listen to most vocal music, and even a lot of instrumental (including classical music), I note that there seem to be ties between the emotional content of the music and the similarity of the tones of that part of the song and nonlingual human interpersonal expressives. I wonder if this is a big part of why we like music -- perhaps music mimics in a way more complex than the real thing the emotional life we have. This would possibly explain a lot. How could it be tested? I can think of a few MRI experiments that might be indicative.. we also might ask about the musical capabilities of people who are emotionally stunted in some way. We might even speculate that music must strive to overdo the simple sound combinations that it uses as its medium because it lacks the other-media equivalent stimuli that would aid in recreating the emotional experience of something. Perhaps the experience is by nature different because of the single-media nature there.

In any case, it's a challenge to think like this, and still make the needed predictions to keep it scientific.

Tags: music

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